Spirio | r is opening minds to music at Cuyahoga Community College and makes a perfect addition to the Division of Creative Arts, where students can explore traditional art forms and experience new technologies.

“Spirio | r represents Steinway‘s long tradition of piano making, constantly investigating new ways to serve the needs of an evolving society,” said Emanuela Friscioni, director of the Creative Arts Preparatory Program. The Italian-born pianist is a Steinway Artist who has performed extensively across Europe and the United States.

The Spirio Model B from Steinway Piano Gallery Cleveland exemplifies “tradition embracing contemporary,” she said, adding that software advancements in Spirio provide powerful teaching tools.

Emanuela Friscioni.
Steinway Artist Emanuela Friscioni points out features that students can use to enhance their practices and performances.

“Students not only hear what the audience hears, but they can physically see how the keys are moving and which sound is produced depending on different touches they use,” she said.

Spirio also opens a new dimension to practice and recording sessions at Cuyahoga, better known as Tri-C. “Students can hear what they thought they played with what they actually played, and compare recordings made from different semesters to hear improvements in their playing. Artists can learn how to edit directly on the piano instead of relying on audio recording software after the fact. Lastly, in an era where sharing information is part of our daily routine, you can share your musical ideas, performances, and compositions with fellow musicians at different schools,” she said.


Spirio opens a world of opportunity for students and professionals alike.


When Catherine Good Brulport, vice president of SPG Cleveland, demonstrated Spirio | r for faculty and staff members, she noted that sound technicians “were going wild” over possibilities for showing students how to place microphones for recording and stage performances. Ms. Friscioni added that Spirio is an effective tool to train the ears to listen and recognize subtle nuances while deciding which microphones are optimal and where to place them for a given repertoire.

Although futuristic applications of the high-resolution piano are fascinating, Ms. Friscioni points out that Spirio opens a vital window to the past. “Through historic catalog recordings and videos, students can better appreciate artists from different genres. This live history of piano interpretation and performance allows them to reflect on technique, interpretation, and sound production, which in turn impacts how they listen to themselves,” she said. The vast Spirio library is updated monthly with selections from classical and contemporary artists.

“Spirio opens a world of opportunity for students and professionals alike,” she said.

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