More than 200 institutions of distinction stretching across five continents now proudly display the All-Steinway School symbol as a firm commitment to excellence for students, faculty members and their respective communities at large.



The Results Speak for Themselves

The “All-Steinway School effect” impacts people in different and often dramatic ways. To quantify tangible benefits of the program, Steinway & Sons conducted an online survey in the Spring of 2018 of 150 academic leaders throughout the United States who work in the “All-Steinway” environment every day. The respondents were anonymous unless they chose to give their name. With a cross section of 105 responses from Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, and Professors, the majority (66%) has experienced the All-Steinway status for five years or more. 59% of the respondents were from public entities and 41% private institutions. 

All-Steinway Schools are funded through fiscal budgets, donors or a combination of both. In fact, 91% of the respondents indicated that donor activity helped achieve their goal.

This survey was first conducted five years ago, and we were very happy that the results matched our intentions for this program and the feelings we had on its importance to institutions of higher learning. In this second survey, we were pleasantly surprised to find that our percentages were even better than the last time. Like the Steinways our company builds, we strive for “Continuous Improvement” in everything we do.

More than 200 institutions of distinction stretching across five continents now display the All-Steinway School symbol as a firm commitment to excellence for students, faculty members and their respective communities at large.



Being an All-Steinway School…

100% Provides students & faculty with the best instruments  for the study of music
100% Enhances performance levels of piano students
100% Enhances ability to do better in competitions
99% Satisfies high expectations of piano faculty
94% Positively affects national accreditations



Being an All-Steinway School assists in recruitment of…

97% More students
97% Higher quality students
92% Students who are not specifically piano majors
91% International students
98% New faculty



Being an All-Steinway School…

98%  Proves to be an investment in appreciating assets to facilities
93% Increases revenue through donor gifts to our school of music or music program
78% Attracts donor gifts to other non-music areas of our institution



Being an All-Steinway School…

100% Has a positive influence on our image
99% Boosts morale and pride in our school

“The Steinway name does much to increase the reputation of our program and shows an institutional commitment to excellence in music.” 

“Thank you, Steinway, for making our school outstanding!” 

“The level of pianists went up overwhelmingly after we became an All-Steinway School.” 

“Becoming an All-Steinway School may well be the best decision we have made.”

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